The Coast Guard is investigating the cause of a ship collision on the Mississippi River near New Orleans.

A ship loaded with grain lost power and steering late Tuesday night and crashed into a vessel docked at the International-Matex Tank Terminals near the ferry landing in Gretna.

The docked ship was taking on No. 6 fuel oil from a barge. The barge was hit and broke free and approximately 588 gallons of oil spilled into the river.  

The Coast Guard says boom was deployed in the area and the agency implemented a one-way traffic plan on the river near Gretna.  The river was reopened to vessel traffic Wednesday afternoon.

"The Coast Guard will be there to assist and monitor the cleanup operations as well as conduct an investigation into the incident," says Coast Guard spokesman Jonathan Lally.

The collision occurred around 11 p.m. No injuries were reported.

Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts said the water supply was not affected by the spill.

"There's enough water that's typically within a water filtration system that can last for a few days and by then we fully expect that they will be able to reopen their intakes," Roberts told FOX 8.

New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board spokesman Robert Jackson said in a statement the city's water supply was not affected by the incident and there are no concerns about oil entering the supply through water intakes.

Photo: FOX 8 News