Representatives of the Helis Oil and Gas Company are trying to dispel concerns that an oil fracking project they've proposed for St. Tammany Parish might contaminate the underground water supply.

In an hour-long interview on the Denny Schaffer Show Thursday, Helis Project Manager Mike Barham said contamination would be impossible.

"We're not gonna damage the aquifer. We're not gonna do anything in the drilling process. We will be almost two miles below the aquifer," Barham said.

The site for the proposed drilling project is a 10-acre tract along I-12 near Highway 1088. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says the site is 91% wetlands and that Helis should consider other sites that would be "less damaging" to the environment.

Barham says Helis is in discussions with the Corps, but unless the company is unable to get the necessary permits to drill, it intends to drill on the site it's selected.

"We've looked for alternative sites. This was the best site that fit both our geology and the minimal impact that we can have on the wetlands," Barham said.

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