Courtesy: NOAA/National Hurricane Center

The National Hurricane Center said Wednesday afternoon that showers and thunderstorms that are part of a elongated area of low pressure several hundred miles east of the Windward Islands were showing signs of getting slightly better organized.

Forecasters bumped up the chance Invest 96-L could become a tropical depression over the next 48 hours to 50%. Over the next five days, that possibility grows to 60%.

If necessary, hurricane hunters would check out the system Thursday.

The low is expected to move west-northwestward at around 10 to 15 miles per hour towards the Lesser Antilles and into the Caribbean Sea over the next day or two. After that, interaction with land could limit chances for growth.

Forecast models as of 2pm Wednesday show the system possibly taking a slight turn northwest that could keep it away from the Gulf of Mexico.

The Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands could see gusty winds and heavy rains Thursday night and Friday.