Kenner's new police chief, Michael Glaser, says he's concerned about illegal border crossings, especially in light of the news that a suspect in a murder in Metairie last Sunday crossed the U.S.-Mexican border with children illegally last June.

But Glaser's concern goes beyond illegal immigrants.

"Anyone that poses a, I mean it could be someone that's from America or someone that comes in illegally, that poses a threat causes concern to me. It's not just someone that entered the country illegally," Glaser said Thursday in an interview with 99.5 WRNO.

The murder suspect, Pedro Monterroso-Navas of Guatemala, crossed with two children on June 26 and the three were released after being told to report back to U.S. immigration authorities once they were settled in the U.S.  The AP reports that Monterroso-Navas was freed after it was determined he had no criminal history of gang affilliation.

When it comes to illegal immigrants, Glaser, who heads a police force in a city with a sizable hispanic population, said, "We can only arrest them on either city offenses or state statutes, but when we do take them into custody for violating one of those laws, we notify the immigration service, and it's up to them whether they want to put a detainer on them," Glaser said.

Glaser says residents concerned about what's happening at the border in Texas should voice their concerns to their U.S. representative or senator.