Cable barriers will be installed in the median of an 8-mile stretch of the I-10 in New Orleans East.

The project, scheduled to begin this month, should be completed by November.

State Rep. Austin Badon of New Orleans, one of the leading proponents of the project, told WRNO's Gerry V Thursday cable barriers work and they are sorely needed in the East.

"We really need them because this is a high traffic area and we've had a proven track record of accidents there," Badon said.

The barriers will be installed on the interstate from the I-510 to the Twin Span bridges to protect motorists from crossover crashes.

The state began installing the barriers in 2008 on highways where there is a sufficient median width and a high potential for crashes.

The project was awarded to a Georgia company.  It will cost $1.2 million and is fully funded by the federal government with highway safety funds.