The head of the New Orleans Mission is urging citizens not to give money to homeless people begging for it - but to instead give that same money to organizations like the Mission that offer support services to the homeless.

Executive Director David Bottner tells 99.5 WRNO, " What it perpetuates is a person to continue in the same behavior that they're living in."

Bottner says if people stop giving the homeless money, the begging will stop.

"They will be forced to go to an organization, not just the New Orleans Mission but an organization to seek their needs being met, and then from there other supportive services can be offered to that individual," Bottner said.

Bottner points out that the people on the streets begging for money are not necessarily homeless.

"I notice that some of the men and/or women that we know have apartments because they've received housing because we've helped them," Bottner said.