The Fraternal Order of Police Crescent City Lodge #2 has filed a lawsuit to block the implementation of the hiring and promotion reforms approved by the New Orleans Civil Service Commission Monday for positions in city government.

Appearing on the New Orleans Morning News with Gerry V on 99.5 WRNO Tuesday, FOP spokesman Donovan Livaccari explained why the union opposes the changes.

"I think that we are treading dangerously with where we were back in the 1940s with political patronage and the spoil system. It has the potential for developing into a really big mess," Livaccari said.

The lawsuit accuses the mayor of trying to remove civil service protections for city employees.

"We've come to enjoy the protections that Civil Service offers in public employment, not just the employees of Civil Service but also the citizens are protected by the same Civil Service rules," Livaccari said.

But the Landrieu administration says the current civil service rules pervert the meaning of merit and competiton.

The FOP's lawsuit was filed in Orleans Parish Civil District Court.