It's back to the drawing board for Helis Oil and Gas, the company that wants to drill a well near Mandeville to extract oil using the fracking method.

The company's application for an Army Corps of Engineers wetlands permit, needed for the fracking project to commence, has reportedly been rendered invalid by the Louisiana Geological Survey. The move means Helis must submit a revised application.

A spokesperson for the corps says Helis will have to show the Geological Survey, which provides technical assistance to the corps, that the drill site will be productive for oil development. The new application must be submitted to the corps and to the state Department of Environmental Quality, from which Helis would need a water quality certification.

But the drill site itself has not been rejected, according to a spokeswoman for Helis.

Rick Franzo, President of Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany, applauds the corps' decision not to approve a permit.

"We're very pleased that the Army Corps of Engineers did the right thing. We believe it was a good decision," Franzo told 99.5 WRNO on Tuesday.