LSU's Tiger Stadium tops a list of the 15 most intimidating college football stadiums in the country, compiled by the website College Spun.

The staff writer who compiled the list, Andrew Holleran, says he took a lot of things into account.

"The size of the stadium, the noise level, the talent of the team that plays in the stadium, the winning percentage of that program that it has playing at home, and LSU just kind of had the most impressive resume when taking all of those things into account."

Holleran says the one event that helped to put "Death Valley" at the top of the list was the LSU-Auburn game in 1988, known as the "Earthquake Game".

"If a stadium's crowd can be so loud that it causes an earthquake on the campus, I think it's pretty hard for any other stadium to top that," Holleran said.

The second-most intimidating stadium on the list is Penn State, followed by Ohio State, Clemson, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Florida, Oregon, Alabama, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan, Georgia's Sanford Stadium and Texas Memorial Stadium.