On the second day of qualifying for the November 4th elections, Congressman Steve Scalise signed up for re-election at the Secretary of State's office in Baton Rouge at 1pm.

Although he's the incumbent and has served a number of terms, Scalise says he's taking nothing for granted.

"We're gonna work hard and continue making the case that we need to have more conservative values up in Washington," Scalise tells 99.5 WRNO.

Scalise says his constituents are most concerned about, what he calls, the radical liberal policies of the Obama administration.

"People still are very frustrated by what they're seeing as a radical administration in the White House where they're having these direct impacts of things like Obamacare which are hurting Louisiana families," Scalise said.

The congressman is scheduled to speak to the Slidell Chamber of Commerce Friday morning and meet with business leaders to talk about coastal restoration work.

Scalise has at least one opponent in the race, Democrat Vinny Mendoza of Ponchatoula.