Congressman Steve Scalise says he and other members of Congress are working on a proposal to immediately deport any illegal immigrants from Central America crossing the U.S. border.

Scalise says he fears drug dealers are being given refuge in the United States.

"You're getting 15-year-olds, you're getting drug dealers coming in right now that are not being sent back. They're being sent into the United States," Scalise told Fox 8.

On the downing of the Malaysia Airlines jet, reportedly by pro-Russia rebels with a missle supplied by the Russians, Scalise says we're seeing Russia trying to reestablish the old Soviet Union.

"Vladimir Putin, he's an old KGB, one of these really, really hard line old Russian communists who wants to rebuild that old Soviet Union."

"These separatists were trained by Russia. They were armed by Russia. And for Russia to try to distance itself from what happened, I think it's an international tragedy," Scalise exclaimed.

Scalise says the United States is the leader of the free world and ought to be pursuing and advancing freedom all throughout the world.