Covington Police have arrested Richard Reed of Covington on a sexual battery charge.

Reed is the brother of St. Tammany Parish District Attorney Walter Reed.

Richard Reed was arrested Monday night following an investigation that began with a traffic stop last Sunday. Covington Police were called to a local establishment after a complaint of an intoxicated woman causing a disturbance.

Once officers arrived, they were told the woman had just left with someone else. That car was driven by Richard Reed, who produced a District Attorney's Office badge, which Chief Tim Lentz says was ignored by officers.

The woman Reed was with eventually was charged with public intoxication. Lentz says Reed came to the Police Department to try and pick up the woman, but he did not know her name. Officers refused to release her, and she said she had never met Reed before.

Investigators continues to look into the situation, eventually obtaining video from the establishment. There, they found footage of the woman so highly intoxicated she was incoherent. Police say it also showed Reed making sexual advances that "rose to the level of a criminal act".

"Mr. Reed is observed on the video groping the lady's breasts, along with placing his hand in the area of her genitalia on more than one occasion," Lentz said.

He added once the woman realized what was happening, she started to kick and punch Reed to try and get him to go away. Police now believe this is what led to the disturbance call.

With the new information, the city prosecutor chose to drop the public intoxication charge against the woman.

Richard Reed's attorney Buddy Spell told Fox 8 he had not yet seen the video. "Due to the preliminary matters that we're going to have to deal with, I rather doubt that I'll see the videotape for some time."

"Until I see the tape, I have no idea what the defense will be, but I can promise you, as always, it will be a zealous defense," Spell said.

Lentz says the investigation continues. If the public has any information about this case, he asks them to call Covington Police at (985) 892-8500.