Residents of New Orleans City Council District C want a visible police presence in their neighborhoods and they want to help police fight crime. 

Those are the recurring themes that came out of the 4 town hall meetings held recently in the district, hosted by its representative, Nadine Ramsey.

"Their major concerns were making sure that the commanders, what numbers do they have in the field and seeing officers patrolling in cars," Ramsey said in an interview with 99.5 WRNO.

"Some of the things we talked about at the town hall meetings were increased use of (surveillance) cameras which we know serve to deter crime, and it also helps with police being able to solve crime," Ramsey said.

Ramsey says the information gathered from the meetings will be compiled into a report, which will be posted on the Council's web site and sent to the police chief and to the administration, and see what followup they can have as a result of those conversations.