Louisiana State Police have released a 15 minute dash cam video of a July 23 stop of musician Shamarr Allen and it does not support Allen's account of abuse at the hands of troopers.

Allen had claimed in media interviews that he was profiled and treated differently because of his race, an assertion LSP Superintendent Mike Edmonson termed "spurious and inflammatory."

"It should be noted that at no time was Allen struck, hit or kicked as he claims," Edmonson said.

"The tape belies his version of what happened.  He was not thrown to the ground, he was not thrown onto the hood of the car, he did not have a boot on his neck.  Did Troopers have to physically control Allen?  Yes.  But they did so throughout the encounter in a reasonable manner, and always in response to Allen's resistance," Edmonson said.

Allen was stopped in the Lower 9th Ward as part of a search for an escaped drug dealer.  Troopers claim he ignored commands to show his hands when his vehicle was stopped and that he was evasive in answering questions.

Edmonson contends every "control maneuver" used by troopers was in response to Allen's behavior.

"My staff and I have reviewed the tape many times and I support the actions of the troopers on the scene," Edmonson said. 

"They used control tactics designed to manage an individual who was non-compliant and resisting.  In my view, those tactics were appropriate and measured."