On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show: Mark comments on the Republican primary results in some of the states. He says that Sen. Mitch McConnell should be embarrassed that he only got 60% of the vote to an underfunded opponent. Mark says that McConnell shouldn't have gotten the nomination, that we need new conservatives in Congress and the Senate. We have lost our way with the modern Republican Party because much of the time they are no different than the Democrats. The ruling class is permanent but these politicians are temporary so why should we be afraid to vote them out if they aren't doing their job? How can we believe big government is compassion and virtuous - how many more examples do we need like the V.A. hospital scandal and the abuse to show that the system can't work? Yet they still want more from us as taxpayers and a more regulated private sector as if that is going to fix it. Finally, Dr. Ben Carson calls in about his new book, One Nation, and talks to Mark about the modern political climate.


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