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Morning News with Gerry V

Gerry Vaillancourt is a renaissance man. Affectionately, known as "Gerry V" he's spent 17 years as a talk show host, NBA analyst, educator and former coach. Most recently Gerry was a local TV news anchor before becoming the host of "The Morning News with Gerry V."Gerry is a huge movie fan and has been told he does a good Christopher Walken imitation... He enjoys public speaking and has done so many times at a variety of events....he can mimic a variety of accents.. Has done stand up comedy.. Wants to be cast in a play.....Loves good food, conversation, a variety of music and believes " the dirtier the ankles on the waitress, the better the chili"....And " always carry some giggles and grins with you"....Gerry will tell you that he is one of Gods " factory 2nds ".. He will one day finish his book "Crooked Wisdom" as he has journals full of material...Gerry has two daughters, Kelly and Shannon.


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