1,300 N.O. Households Apply For FEMA Assistance

Officials report that an estimated 1,300 New Orleans households have applied for assistance from FEMA in the wake of the tornado last Tuesday that damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes in New Orleans East.

As many as 300 additional households have yet to apply.

In order to receive federal aid, people must first register with FEMA, even if they have registered with another disaster-relief organization. Applicants can register whether they had insurance or not. While FEMA won't duplicate insurance benefits, it may provide assistance if a tornado victim was under-insured.

Applicants may be eligible to receive direct federal assistance for temporary housing, home repairs, and for other disaster-related needs, such as medical and dental expenses.

Impacted Individuals can register with FEMA online at DisasterAssistance.gov or by calling 1-800-621-3362.

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