The Queen of Carnival brings a love of children and art to her reign

The Queen of Carnival 2017 is Anna Huger, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Middleton Huger. Anna is a Junior at the College of Charleston majoring in arts management.

The 2014 Newman School graduate brought props to her reign as Queen to connect with kids.

"We thought of these little dolls, a REX Queen with blonde hair and green eyes. We gave them out to the kids," she said of the gifts she took to area hospitals.

"We gave them cookies and the little boys swords," she said.

 She loves spending time with children, but knows what she wants her profession to be.

"I'd like to be a big time curator or own my own gallery," she said.

Her grandmother Eugenie Jones Huger was Queen of Carnival in 1952, and she says she's always dreamed of the honor.

"I feel like for any New Orleans native Mardi Gras is a huge factor of everything," she said.

Huger has her royal gown ready for the ball Mardi Gras night.

"I  just really love the flowy, flowery pattern," she said.

Huger records her experiences in writing after studying abroad in Florence last semester and keeping a  journal. She can't wait to write down what it's like to be queen.

"Pursue your interests and your dreams and don't let anybody get in the way of that," she said.

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