Half-Fasters Walk In Memory of Pete Fountain

The 220 members of Pete Fountain's "Half Fast Walking Club" hit the streets of New Orleans on Tuesday without their beloved leader, who died in August 2016 at the age of 86.

Wearing lime green tuxedos, they marched with the theme  "Walking in the Limelight with Pete."

Pete founded the group in 1961.

Fountain's son-in-law and manager, Benny Harrell told the New Orleans Advocate, “Mardi Gras was a day for Pete to let his hair down, even when he didn’t have any. “It’s up to us to continue that tradition.”

Harrell told the newspaper, "Mardi Gras morning was Pete’s favorite. All his life, he lived for Mardi Gras. He could miss other things and not care. Mardi Gras was something he looked forward to all year. He felt so close to people that day.”

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