Puppy shooter in the doghouse after five pups found dead

A Washington Parish man was arrested and charged with five counts of cruelty to animals after authorities say he abandoned and then shot and killed five puppies.

In late February, the Magnolia Chapter of the Humane Society of Louisiana received a call reporting five abandoned puppies at the intersection of Monroe Creek Road and Frank Kennedy Road near Angie, La.

A rescuer from Magnolia went to the location and found someone had shot and killed each of the puppies with a small caliber weapon.

After an investigation, the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Department arrested Shawn Glen Jones, 25, of Dogwood Valley Road, and charged him with five counts of cruelty to animals.

During the investigation, Jones told detectives he gave away a litter of puppies of the same breed as the slain dogs, but he could not remember who took them.

Questioned further, Jones admitted the puppies were his and confessed to dropping off where they were found. But he denied shooting them.

As investigators continued their probe, they learned Jones left the puppies and returned to his home to pick up a .22 caliber rifle and ammunition.

He then returned and shot the puppies.

Jones was arrested Wednesday and charged with five counts of cruelty to animals. He remains in the Washington Parish Jail with a bond set at $15,000.

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