Scalise To GOP House Members: Don't Blow It

Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise is under pressure as the House whip works to lock up the Republican votes needed to approve the GOP health care proposal that is scheduled for a vote on Thursday.

Over two dozen conservatives have balked at supporting the proposal advanced by Speaker Paul Ryan and endorsed by President Trump.

Scalise is urging constituents of those Republicans who oppose the plan to call their representatives.

In an interview with the Fox News Channel, Scalise said, "I know there are a lot of people out there who want their members of Congress to send this bill to President Trump's desk.  I would encourage people to call."

Scalise says the party is running the risk of "blowing it."

"This bill guts Obamacare, it puts patients back in charge and it does a lot of other good things but it doesn't do any of those things if members vote no."

"Our members can't blow this opportunity," Scalise said. "Let's back our President up, give him the bill that he's been asking for.  A 'yes' vote is the only answer at this point."

The proposal will fail if more than 21 Republicans defect and vote 'no.'

"Nancy Pelosi is voting no, and so everybody's got to recognize a 'no' vote is to vote with Nancy Pelosi to keep Obamacare," Scalise said.

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