Brand New Shopping Mall Collapses In Mexico City


There were no injuries reported after a portion of a brand new shopping center in Mexico City came crashing to the ground on Thursday (July 12). Dramatic video captured the moment the building fell apart at its seams, creating a cloud of dust, broken glass and metal that rained down on the nearby highway.

According to The Guardian, the operators of the Artz Pedregal mall notified city officials and evacuated the section of the building when they noticed signs that the building was on the verge of collapsing. 

Mexico City mayor José Ramón Amieva said that officials are investigating and trying to determine whether the collapse was caused by structural issues with the building, or related to the settling of the soil underneath the shopping center. 

This is not the first time the mall has had issues with its structural integrity. According to the Milenio newspaper, a portion the building collapsed during construction due to a water leak.

The owners of the structure said that the entire shopping complex will remain closed until the investigation is complete and they can ensure that the building is safe. 


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