New Orleans City Council, Mayor Put Brakes On Electric Scooter Plan

Electric Scooter Getty Images

Plans for electric scooters to hit the streets of New Orleans have come to a sudden halt.

The City Council and the Cantrell administration have worked on the details of a pilot program since May, but concers rose about safety and adding more wheels to sidewalks and roads.

"We worked collaboratively to craft legislation to explore this new technology option, but the potential complications for public safety are too high for us to move forward," said Mayor LaToya Cantrell in a statement. "As we continue to improve the City's infrastructure, we will place ourselves in a better position to incorporate transportation alternatives in the coming years. The City cannot support the electric scooter implementation at this time."

"Additionally, we do not believe the nearly 18 million visitors who come to New Orleans each year can be properly educated about the specific rules the pilot proposed," said Transportation Committee Chair and District C Councilmember Kristin Gisleson Palmer.

Photo: Getty Images

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