Shocking Body Camera Footage Captures Moment Suspect Opens Fire On Deputy


Authorities in California have released shocking body camera footage from a police-involved shooting in which an officer was nearly struck by gunfire. What started as a routine traffic stop quickly turned deadly as the suspect opened fire on Napa County Sheriff Deputy Riley Jarecki after she had asked for permission to search his car.

Jarecki was not hit by the single shot and she retreated to her cruiser where she returned fire. She fired 15 shots at the vehicle and struck the driver, Javier Hernandez Morales. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“Loss of life is not something that’s celebrated. We’re very concerned for Deputy Jarecki and her wellbeing," Undersheriff Jon Crawford said during a press conference. "It’s incredible composure. You saw how close those shots were fired."

Officers found two guns in Morales' car, a loaded .22-caliber rifle and the stolen revolver he used to shoot at Jarecki.

Crawford praised Jarecki for keeping her composure after the bullet whizzed past her.

"She was able to use her radio broadcast clearly. She was able to stay on her feet, and stay engaged. While it’s not something to be celebrated, we are proud of her actions,” Crawford said.


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