Times-Picayune Sold To Owners Of The New Orleans Advocate

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New Orleans will soon again only have one daily newspaper after an announcement Thursday that the owners of the New Orleans Advocate, Dathel and John Georges, have purchased Times-Picayune from its parent company, Advance Local.

From the report:

The Advocate will publish a seven-day, home-delivered newspaper in New Orleans using the brands and features of both publications. The new paper will debut in June. The two papers’ websites will be merged under the brand around the same time.

From The New Orleans Advocate:

While the Picayune was not for sale, management for both companies have had discussions over the years about how best to preserve quality journalism in New Orleans. Those talks accelerated in December when Georges met in New York with Advance executives. After months of considering options, Advance decided to sell both the paper and the web site to The Advocate.

The Georges' purchased The Advocate's parent company in 2013.

Photo: Getty Images

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