Venezuela Dictator Imprisons Houston-Area Oil-Execs

This feels like it should be a bigger news story but for some reason CNN would rather talk about how much they hate Trump.

Brad Johnson reports:

In a retaliatory move, Venezuelan officials moved six oil executives with Houston-based Citgo from house arrest to prison the day after the State of the Union — first reported by the Wall Street Journal.
The retaliation comes after Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó met with President Trump and attended the State of the Union speech. Guaidó is the U.S.-recognized Venezuelan leader.
After the New Year, disputed president Nicolás Maduro’s Bolivarian National Guards seized control of Venezuela’s parliament to prevent Guaidó from entering and assuming control. This all comes after years of unrest as Venezuela’s economy tumbles and its people starve under Maduro’s socialist rule.
It’s also seen as a light-proxy war between Washington and Moscow with Maduro being backed by the Kremlin.
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Flags fly outside Citgo Petroleum Corp. headquarters stands in Houston, Texas, U.S., on Thursday, Feb. 14, 2019. Interviews with current and former employees at headquarters and refineries reveal a company at a turning point. Citgo is free for the moment from political interference, cronyism and corruption, but lacks leaders to chart a path forward. Photographer: Loren Elliot/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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