Just Under 800 Remain Hospitalized Due To COVID-19 In Louisiana

(Getty Images)

The Louisiana Department of Health reported an additional 250 cases of COVID-19 Tuesday and 13 deaths blamed on the coronavirus.

State health officials noted the low number of cases and tests reported (4,125) were likely due to lack of testing and delays in reporting over the Labor Day weekend.

Following the daily removal of newly discovered duplicates and out of state cases, LDH said the total number of cases in Louisiana since the pandemic began stood at 153,433. The death count was 4,955.

There are 799 COVID-19 patients in Louisiana hospitals, and of those, 131 are on ventilators.

Most of the new cases were collected between September 1 and September 7, with 99% blamed on community spread.

"People aged 29 and under represent 41% of the cases. 44% are individuals between 18-29," LDH tweeted.

More detailed information is available on the department's online COVID-19 dashboard.

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