5 Haunting True Crime Podcasts To Shiver Your Spine

It’s Halloween month, and we don’t know about you, but we like to spend spooky season getting as many chills ‘n thrills as possible. And what could be more chilling ‘n thrilling than true crime stories, unsolved mysteries, and tragic cold cases? Nothing! So here’s a list of five new true crime podcasts detailing a familial murder spree, diving deep into the legend of Jack the Ripper, or telling us what it’s like being the child of a murderer – just the right podcasts to freak us out and make us distrust our fellow man! Or at least, give us something spooky to listen to while we figure out a Covid-safe candy delivery system. Not even 2020 will defeat our Halloween fun!

Season three of Unobscured dives deep in the murders and the manhunt for the legendary serial killer Jack the Ripper. Through the eyes of the Scotland Yard detective chasing him, Donald Sutherland Swanson, host Aaron Mahnke and prominent historians detail how the Ripper operated, as well as the rapidly industrializing society and innovations in detective work that collided with the grisly crimes. It’s the world’s most famous unsolved mystery, and now, it’s Unobscured.

A shocking attack leaves the adoptive parents of Sheila Caffell, her twin sons, and herself dead. At first, the police think Sheila herself did it, because she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. But everything didn’t quite add up – and soon, attention turned to Sheila’s brother. Host Lauren Bright Pacheco goes into all the elements of this shocking and complicated crime to uncover the truth behind The Murders At White House Farm.

In the 1970s, four young girls from neighboring towns in New England all went missing, but not one arrest has ever been made. Investigative journalist M. William Phelps has spent decades searching for answers – and now, new information, never-before-seen documents, and previously unknown witnesses have ignited the investigation once again. Will he be able to find out what happened to those young girls so long ago? Or will they remain Paper Ghosts?

Diane Downs is an infamous criminal who killed one of her children and attempted to murder the other two in 1983; would you be happy to call her your mother? That’s exactly the struggle facing Becky Babcock, who discovered that her parents adopted her, that her true father is unknown, and that her mother is the notorious child killer. On Happy Face Presents: Two Face, Becky and host Melissa Moore unravel the strange tale of her family, and search for answers long hidden in time.

Criminalia looks at the intersection of history and true crime, and the first season is all about lady poisoners. From Julia in Ancient Rome to Tillie in Mob-run Chicago, from slave women getting revenge to Catherine de Medici’s unusual breakfast choices, some of these women might be the most prolific and successful serial killers of all time. Classy, brassy, and poison-gassy, these ladies knew how to make murder look good.

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