Odd Creature Remains Found in Scotland

The strange remains of a mysterious creature recently washed ashore on a beach on Scotland and no one can quite figure out what the animal once was. An image of the bizarre beast was reportedly posted on a community Facebook page yesterday. The person who shared the photo explained the oddity was "found on Aberdeen Beach today." The individual went on to marvel that it was "very strange" and asked, "can anyone shed some light on what we saw?"

As one can imagine, with the photo having been posted to social media, quite a few people had theories for the nature of the creature. Many observers were flummoxed by how the proverbial paws of the animal resemble those of a feline, yet the head and tail are more reptilian in appearance. As such, opinions were split into two camps, with some people positing that the creature was a cat and others arguing that it could have been something along the lines of chameleon.

More on this weird story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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