NYC Mayor de Blasio Threatens Residents Wanting To Swim At Public Beaches

As the Czar has said repeatedly over the past couple of months, this pandemic is like Christmas for the totalitarians.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is not only telling residents that there will be no swimming at the city’s public beaches but vowing that anyone caught swimming will “be taken right out of the water” by police.

In addition to no swimming, the mayor says there will be “no sports, no gatherings, no parties” and even no BBQs.

De Blasio is even having work crews install fences at city beaches in order to cut off access, he says he’s just doing it in the name of “health and safety” because he knows better than all you grown-ass adults.

As Rush Limbaugh producer Bo Snerdley points out, “open-borders de Blasio threatens to put up fencing to keep people off his closed beaches”.

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