Video Shows Man Standing On Bus In NY, Blasting Flamethrower Into The Air

The now viral video has prompted an NYPD investigation.

New York’s PIX 11 reports:

"The wild video shows a shirtless man jumping from the top of an ice cream truck onto an MTA bus that had just pulled up alongside it. The man then shoots the flamethrower, spraying flames into the sky and onto the ground before jumping onto the street, the video shows.
The video appears to have been part of the filming of a music video by a rapper called Dupree G.O.D, according to his Instagram account.
Another video posted to Dupree G.O.D’s Instagram shows the same incident from above, possibly filmed by a drone...
A police spokesperson called the video shoot "impromptu and illegal," adding that the NYPD was not aware of any permits for the shoot. The NYPD is also investigating possible drone use in the video shoot.
The MTA said 25 passengers were on the B26 bus when the man jumped onto the roof. No injuries were reported."

Authorities believe the incident happened on November 8th.