NYT Editorial Board Member: “Disturbing” To See “American Flags” On Trucks

Speaking on Morning Joe this morning, New York Times editorial board member/MSNBC Contributor Mara Gay says “we have to figure out...how to separate Americaness, America from whiteness”.

She says she was disturbed this weekend in Long Island to see dozens of pickup trucks with expletives directed at Biden, Trumps flags and “some cases just dozens of American flags which is just also disturbing because essentially the message was clear, this is my country this is not your country.I owe this.”

Again who thinks this when they see the American flag aside from some privileged Manhattan liberal at the New York Times.Also, are we just going to pretend that bumper sticker expletives directing at presidents are a new thing.Remember the 8-years under Bush where the vile bumper stickers began a thing among the left.

Mara Gay ain’t that bright, let’s not forget she was apart of what was the most embarrassing TV moment in recent history.

Last year, while on MSNBC with Brian Williams they were discussing Mike Bloomberg’s failed presidential campaign.

Williams brought up a tweet that said “Bloomberg spent $500 million on ads. The U.S. population is 327 million. He could have given each American $1 million and still have money left over, I feel like a $1 million check would be life-changing for people. Yet he wasted it all on ads and STILL LOST”.

Gay said ‘it’s an incredible way of putting it. It’s true.It’s disturbing.”

Dumbasses: $500 million divided evenly between 327 million people would be approximately $1.53 for each person.