UTSA Cancels “Come & Take It” Slogan, Deeming It “Anti-Mexican” & Racist

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is going full woke and declaring an integral part of Texas history racist & “anti-Mexican”.

Last week, UTSA President Taylor Eighmy sent an email to students, staff, faculty and alumni that said the slogan would be removed from any events, buildings and the school's website.

The football team adopted the slogan during the 2011 season, and during 2016, a "Come and Take It" flag was unfurled in the student section at home games as a way to hype the crowd.

Professor Ellen Riojas Clark complained about the slogan, creating a petition to demand the school immediately drop it.  

Clark says the slogan is “steeped in racist ideology and racist history…It has carried those white supremacist beliefs from 1835 to today, and in that time has also been widely adopted by anti-government, pro-gun extremists, such as at the January 6th insurrection at the US Capital. Like the Alamo, the Gonzales flag is an open wound for many Mexican Americans, especially Mexican American Texans”.

Ah yes, January 6th. Everything is January 6th now. The left’s is even pushing the silly talking point that January 6th was worst than 9/11.

Anyway, the petition got less than 1,000 signature, but that didn’t stop Eighmy from caving to the social justice warriors demands.

Eughmy said the rallying cry “has become a distraction from our mission and is likely to continue shifting our focus away from our work yet to be accomplished”, so he’s having the university pull all the sign down.

So are they going to punish students who display the flag now? Don’t be surprise if that happens next.

UT Board of Regents chair Kevin P. Eltife blasted the decision saying:

"The UTSA president announced that he was ending the recent practice of displaying a large Come and Take It flag at football games. While he explained this was because of recent use of the flag by some groups for their particular causes and not connected to the flag’s historical context, such symbols have deep meaning for many Texans who value our state’s history. The Board of Regents does not support abandoning traditions and history that mean much to students, alumni, and other Texans. I am very disappointed with this decision and will immediately ask our Board to establish policies that ensure that the governing body of the UT System will have the opportunity in the future to be consulted before important university traditions and observances are changed."

Here’s how UTSA students and fans responded to the decision during the game this past Saturday:

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