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Lina Hidalgo Suggests She’ll Be Indicted By Democrat Harris County DA

Lina Hidalgo claims she’ll be indicted over the bid rigging scandal where three of her staffers have already been indicted.

She claims it’s all a political ploy by fellow Democrat Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg.

The Comandante wrote on twitter yesterday, that Ogg will have her indicted or “name a “special prosecutor”—an illusion of independence since those are still beholden to the DA. She did that before in a political prosecution that went nowhere. I’m not deterred.”

So one Democrat indicting another Democrat is somehow political.

According to KPRC-TV, the Harris County Democrat Party has picked their side and is backing Lina Hidalgo.

Chair Odus Evbagharu told KPRC-TV, “we stand with Judge Hidalgo. We fully support her and we believe she has acted with full transparency and integrity. We trust the legal process will reach the right result.”

So no statement of support for the Democrat Ogg?

ABC13 reports:

"Hidalgo has been outspoken in her support for her three staffers who were indicted for their alleged role in sharing bid details with the business who was awarded the contract before it was made public.
The three people indicted on a count of misuse of official information and a count of tampering with a government record are:
  • Alex Triantaphyllis: Hidalgo's current chief of staff but was her deputy chief of staff when the allegations took place;
  • Aaron Dunn: then a senior advisor for public safety and emergency management at the county;
  • Wallis Nader: Hidalgo's deputy policy director.
Triantaphyllis and Nader still work at Hidalgo's office. Dunn left for a job at the Harris County Flood Control District in March.
An indictment is not a finding of guilt, just that a grand jury found there was enough evidence to pursue criminal charges against an individual.
Four search warrants related to the case were unsealed earlier this month and demanded Google turn over documents accessed by Hidalgo and six other senior staffers.
"I believe that Google LLC is in possession of electronic data that will show that Dunn, Triantaphyllis and Nader created, edited, commented on and/or viewed multiple scope of work documents," investigators wrote in the search warrant. "I also believe it is probable that the above Google Docs were subsequently sent to (Elevate Strategies' founder Felicity) Pereyra on January 13, 2021 and January 15, 2021, which is prior to the first public release of the Vaccine Outreach RFP on February 5, 2021, and well prior to the first time a vendor could download a copy of the Vaccine Outreach RFP on February 19, 2021.""

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