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Another Biden Adviser Admits Cloth Masks Don’t Work

BUCK: I want to create a list. We got Leana Wen, former Planned Parenthood president, one of the favorite doctors over at CNN, saying cloth masks don’t work. Former FDA chairman Scott Gottlieb says cloth masks don’t work. That’s what they’ve said on air on TV, ’cause I have been shut down by Twitter and Facebook for this more than anything else. Now here is Biden’s chief medical covid adviser Dr. Osterholm. Play it.

OSTERHOLM: We published work back as early as April of 2020 saying that in fact that this virus is transmitted by an aerosol — that kind of perfume like floating in the room — and that we needed to have that very high level of respiratory protection. The world was slow to come to that, and today the CDC has still been slow to come to that point.

So we all agree now, I think — those who have expertise in this area — you need these very tight face fitting masks that also have breathable — and what I mean by that is it’s fit and filtration, and the way you get fit is like a swim goggle: You can’t have it leak. But if it’s gonna be that tight, then you have to have a material that allows the air to move through. Cloth doesn’t do that.

BUCK: “Cloth doesn’t do that.” You need better masks, Clay, because cloth masks don’t work. This is Biden’s guy.

CLAY: So we’re gonna have to wear gas masks around?

BUCK: Yeah, absolutely.

CLAY: Is that where this is going? It’s funny. Early on — you’re right, Buck — you could never say that the little gators that people are wearing around or that the cloth masks that people wear don’t work — and people still do it. I mean, I’m tempted. I don’t know about you. The only time I ever have to wear a mask now thankfully ’cause I live in a free state is on an airplane. But I’m tempted to buy those masks that just say, “This mask doesn’t work.” Is that too aggressive of a statement to make for when you’re on the airport or when you’re on the airplane? Have you seen those that just say, “This mask doesn’t work”?

BUCK: I love it can I get one? Are you selling them at OutKick? I gotta pick one up.


CLAY: Is that too aggressive? Am I gonna get kicked off the airplane if I wear the “this mask doesn’t work” mask?

BUCK: I think that’s a First Amendment issue.

CLAY: On an airplane? I don’t know.

BUCK: Well, it’s private but then using the federal guideline to say it? I don’t know. That will be interesting.

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