Houston Socialist Group Promotes Violent Overthrow of Federal Government

Here's a news story that would alarm me if not for the fact that the people behind the message are clearly not qualified to accomplish their stated goal.

A socialist group in Houston took to Facebook last month to promote the idea of a violent overthrow of the Federal government.

Party of Socialism and Liberation - Houston said:

Socialists would desire a peaceful transition to remove the capitalist ruling class from power and create a social system based on poor and working people’s power. But history offers no examples of one social class relinquishing its power, even if highly unpopular, without using state violence. Those who want to end police brutality or make a revolution thus have to think seriously and strategically about the nature of the state.

Whoever wrote this (author unknown) is trying pretty gosh darn hard to be controversial, but what exactly are they saying? It sounds an awful lot like they're calling for a violent overthrow of the Federal government in an effort to expunge capitalism from the freest country in the history of the world.

Before we all get alarmed at what's being said here, please consider the source: these "socialists" are nothing more than keyboard commandos who became seduced by the romanticized idea of a Left wing revolution of some sort, but they have no intention of actually doing what they're promoting. I've met plenty of the communist and socialist activists in Houston and spoken to them at dozens of political rallies and demonstrations over the past decade. They dress like Che Guevera but they look like Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons and you can't overthrow the Federal government if you're incapable of doing 20 push-ups. They aren't training at gun ranges; they're congregating together once a week at a book club meeting to watch old Soviet propaganda films while they eat Cheetos and sip lattes.

I'm not trying to body shame these people - heck, I'm no Randy Savage myself. But I'm also not advocating for "violence" as a means to a "revolution".

Rather than being alarmed at what they're planning, let's all juhave a good laugh (while also keeping a watchful eye on their other posts as we get closer and closer to the next election).

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