Burger King Takes "Ham" Out Of Hamburger Because... Muslims

If you're hungry, here's a double scoop of idiocy wrapped up in a moron sandwich.

Pluralist.com reports:

The practice will affect three items offered by the restaurant chain, the company said in a statement to Business Insider.
The “Double Spicy Hamburger” will now be known simply as the “Double Spicy Burger.” The “Triple Hamburger with Cheese” is now the “Triple Burger with Cheese.” Meanwhile, the “Hamburger King Jr” will now be known as the “Kids Burger.”
Burger King made the change in order “to be more respectful of” customers seeking halal items, according to the statement.
Halal, a word meaning “lawful or permitted” in Arabic, is the dietary standard prescribed in the Quran. The Quran forbids Muslims from eating pork.
In September, Burger King introduced bacon into its South African restaurants for the first time, Insider reported. Previously, all of its stores in South Africa had been fully halal.
Since the company added bacon to its menu, 44 South African locations are no longer halal certified.
However, a non-profit organization has certified Burger King’s remaining halal outlets as being in compliance with Shari’ah law.
As noted by Insider’s Phillip de Wet, the word “ham” in hamburger has nothing to do with pork. Rather, “ham” is a reference to Hamburg, Germany, where the sandwich allegedly originated.

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