"Loose Monkey" Torments Texas Town

If your missing pet monkey poses a danger to the people of Texas, Bayou Animal Services would like to have a word with you.

NY Post reports:

There’s been reports of a “monkey” being on the loose in Texas for the past two days, according to local officials.
“We do not know type of monkey. We have not set eyes on the monkey,” said Bayou Animal Services, the town-run animal control agency in Santa Fe, Texas, in a Facebook post on Tuesday afternoon.
“Do not approach, chase or try and catch a primate if you have sighted said loose monkey,” the agency explained. “Do not go searching for the monkey. Extra people looking for this animal is going to cause a risk of someone getting hurt. A Team that is certified in dealing with primates is on the ground now helping us locate the animal. Do not interfere. Do not attempt to help. They are professionals and know what they are doing.”
A number of residents have reported seeing the alleged monkey swinging from trees. Some believe it’s a chimpanzee that escaped from someone’s home. There have been at least two sightings reported since Sunday and two unconfirmed “attacks” so far — including one on a child, according to KVUE.
“Just had a monkey try to attack me, while checking my mail,” a woman reportedly wrote on Facebook. “I’ve spent the last 20 minutes in my car.”
Police officials could not immediately be reached for comment Tuesday, nor could Animal Services. A Santa Fe Police Department spokesman told the Galveston County Daily News that investigators had seen a video recording, which they believed was credible, showing a primate of some sort. The rep said cops were taking the search seriously.

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