DC Bans Dancing at Indoor & Outdoor Wedding Receptions

Remember the movie Footloose?

The Democrats who run Washington DC have adapted an anti-dancing agenda to fight the 'rona.

Bruce Leshan reports:

After 2020 threw wrenches in the wedding plans of so many couples, some are now facing yet another hurdle. D.C. just banned dancing at indoor and outdoor weddings, leaving lovebirds to scramble to find wedding venues outside the District.
One wedding planner complained that D.C.'s starting to feel a little like the mythical town of Bomont in the classic movie Footloose -- the town that banned dancing.
"Completely shell-shocked," Stephanie Sadowski of SRS Events said of her reaction to hearing the news.
The city is loosening some pandemic restrictions, but at her news conference Monday, Sadowski said Mayor Muriel Bowser sneaked in a bombshell. The latest order allows indoor weddings at 25% capacity, or 250 people -- which was a bit of relief -- but "standing and dancing at receptions are not allowed."
For some couples, no standing or dancing is a deal-breaker.
"There's hardly been any time to react, rather than being incredibly frustrated and angry with Washington DC and Mayor Bowser for completely blindsiding us," Sadowski said.