Debris Pickup To Begin In N.O. East

City officials have outlined plans for the collection of tornado-related debris in New Orleans East.

The Sanitation Department has activated an emergency debris removal process in the area bounded by Almonaster to the I-10.

Eligible debris should be moved to the curb as soon as possible. Only debris resulting from the recent tornado is eligible for collection by the City or its contractors in addition to normal garbage and recycling. 

Debris should be separated as follows: regular garbage, vegetative, white goods, construction debris and Household Hazardous Waste. Officials say it would be helpful, if clear or green bags were used for vegetative debris to distinguish it from other garbage.

Debris should not be placed on neutral grounds, next to utility poles, trees, mail boxes, electric or water meters, fire hydrants or blocking roadways.

Citizens do not have to cut and bundle branches in 4 feet lengths during this designated debris removal period. Leaves should be bagged.

Debris will be systematically removed from each street.  There is no need to call 311 to report debris piles in the designated area. Sanitation will make three passes for debris removal and citizens will be advised of the dates when the passes will begin and end.

Parks and Parkways has forestry crews cutting and stacking downed trees in the impacted area. Calls for downed trees, street lights, street signs and other matters should be directed to 311.


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