UNO: Governor Has Approval Rating of 49%

A new survey by researchers at UNO finds that 49% of the 919 persons participating in a "robo-poll" approve of the job Governor John Bel Edwards is doing and that 60% blame former Governor Bobby Jindal for the state's budget issues.

36% of those surveyed indicated they disapprove of Edwards' performance.

Edwards receives strong support from African-Americans and Democrats. Whites and Republicans, however, are more likely to rate the governor negatively. Women are more likely to report they approve of the governor while men are basically split in their evaluation of his job performance.

Respondents reported by a 2 to 1 margin that that they disapprove of the legislature’s performance. A majority of whites, males, Republicans and Independents/Other Party rate the the legislature negatively. Democrats give the legislature higher approval ratings than do Republicans despite the fact that Republicans control both of Louisiana’s legislative chambers.

UNO reports that 75% of respondents believe that the state is experiencing financial difficulties.

60% of those surveyed blame Bobby Jindal for the budget problems, 23% blame the legislature, and only 13% percent think that Edwards is responsible for the budget crisis.

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