Yenni Delivers State of Parish Speech Via YouTube

Embattled Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni has delivered a "state of the parish" address via YouTube, posting a 15 minute speech on the parish's YouTube channel.

Yenni, whose resignation was demanded by most other elected officials in the parish after he acknowledged sending "improper" text messages to a 17-year-old boy in 2015, posted his address on Saturday.

Yenni, who has said he made a "mistake" has not been charged with any crime and he says his actions in 2015 have not impeded his ability to do his job.

The New Orleans Advocate reported that the parish president said in an interview on Monday that he chose to deliver the speech via YouTube because he thought it would be more engaging for residents.

"I could have read the whole speech in front of a group of people, but this video shows what we've accomplished," the newspaper quoted Yenni as saying.

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