Head Of Internal Affairs For State Police Reassigned

As the investigation into a road trip to San Diego by four Louisiana State Troopers continues, one of those who made the trip, Major Derrell Williams, head of the department's Internal Affairs Division, has been reassigned to patrol duty.

The troopers traveled to San Diego for a national police conference but ended up taking an unauthorized side trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon while they were being paid overtime.

State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson has called it an "embarrassment."

Edmonson says overtime will not be paid and the officers will be required to reimburse the state for all hotel fees they accrued in Las Vegas at the Palazzo Hotel.

Colonel Edmonson released a statement Monday in which he said, "I am not naive to the fact that the management of this department clearly rest on my shoulders."

"All employees of the Department of Public Safety, including myself, are responsible and accountable for their actions.  The public can rest assured that I am making necessary changes and providing clear direction to those under my command.  I believe that this incident does not overshadow the incredible work by the men and women of the Louisiana State Police who dedicate themselves to making our highways and communities safer each and every day."

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