Tulane Gets Two Anonymous $5 Million Gifts

Tulane University announces that it has received two, $5 million gifts from anonymous donors that will be used for faculty recruitment.

The university says the gifts will establish two Presidential Chairs that will be filled by professors renowned for innovative research and teaching that crosses and combines different fields of knowledge to solve complex societal problems. Tulane President Mike Fitts hopes to eventually establish as many as 10 such professorships.

They will be hired as university-wide professors with joint appointments between schools to research and teach at the intersection of different subjects.

“An exceptional faculty is the centerpiece of a great university. These gifts will be a boost to Tulane’s growing reputation as one of the nation’s most highly regarded schools," Fitts said. “We are so grateful."

“When today’s students graduate they will enter a complex world that will require expertise in a number of fields and disciplines,” he added. “These generous gifts will help these young people bring about real change and progress both as students and citizens of the world.”

“To me the No. 1, most important goal in life is education. It is what makes societies grow and improve,” said one of the anonymous donors, who described education and gifts like his in the same way, “the ultimate investment with the highest payoff.”

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