Mardi Gras By The Numbers, From WalletHub

WalletHub has released a list of Carnival-related statistics from last year.

So, here we go, by the numbers:

$5.72 - Average price for a mask

$10.00 - Minimum donation to sponsor a meal or snack for an NOPD officer working parades 

16 -  The percentage drop in alchohol, tobacco sales to underage persons during Carnival season

$150.00 - Average price to attend a Super Krewe party

$500.00 - Amount average float rider pays for throws

142,000 - Number of people who flew in for 2016 Carnival season in metro area

4,200 - Total number of Krewe members in Endymion and Bacchus

$250,000 - Estimated cost of the most elaborate float

500,000 - Number of King Cakes sold each year in New Orleans

$35 - Average cost of a King Cake

296 - Number of people assisted by N.O. Health Department in 2016

334 - Arrests made within the vicinity of parade routes

53,894 - Manpower hours of NOPD during the 2016 parades

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