Lane Closure On St. Charles Avenue

Boh Bros. Construction has begun a series of lane closures in order to accommodate work on St. Charles Avenue. 

The first closure, the eastbound low lane (sidewalk side) of St. Charles Avenue from Louisiana Avenue to Third Street, will last for approximately one week. Commuters are reminded to use caution when driving, bicycling and walking in the project area. 

After the current work is completed, there will be lane closures on both the east and westbound high lanes (median sides) that will remain in place until May 30. 

The $4.3 million St. Charles Avenue repaving project includes removing damaged portions of the asphalt roadway and replacing it with new pavement. The scope of the project includes repaving the asphalt roadway from curb-to-curb; installing American with Disabilities Act-compliant curbing, installing ramps at intersections, and replacing or repairing damaged underground water, sewer, and/or drainage lines.

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