Applications Available For Short-Term Rental Licenses

Beginning today, property owners can submit applications for Short-Term Rental Licenses in advance of an April 1 deadline. 

The City of New Orleans encourages interested operators to file applications early so it can issue licenses promptly.

In December, the city council passed legislation to limit, regulate and tax short term rental platforms, such as Airbnb.  The legislation prohibits full-time, whole-home rentals in residential districts. It also includes strict regulations, time limits and permit fees for non-owner-occupied rentals in residential districts. 

The city’s Department of Safety and Permits will be in charge of enforcement.

For those individuals listing on Airbnb alone, Airbnb will be offering 'pass-through' registration, where the platform will collect application information and provide it to the City. If a property owner chooses to register that way, the city will contact them for any additional information that may be needed and to let them know when fees can be paid.

Applications for licenses may be filed in-person at the City's One Stop for Permits and Licenses on the 7th Floor of City Hall or online at

STR administrators can be contacted via email at or by phone at (504) 658-7144.

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