Delgado Adviser Charged With Student Sexual Assault

FOX 8 reports that a 36-year-old admissions adviser at Delgado Community College has been charged with groping a female student after he lowered her tuition fees.

Rashad Harold is charged with misdemeanor sexual battery in the alleged attack.

"When I got up to leave, he was like, 'You owe me,"" the student told FOX 8 before he allegedly groped her and demanded sexual favors.

The student later dropped all of her classes.

The alleged assault occurred on March 3 but the student didn't report it until March 7, Campus police turned the case over to the NOPD on March 17 and Harold was arrested in his office on Thursday.

"The campus police told me he would be placed on leave while the investigation was open but he was never even placed on leave," the student told FOX 8. "He was still on campus. I didn't feel safe on campus so I dropped all of my classes. I was just going to find another option," she said. 

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