Lt. Gov. Enters Battle Over Confederate Monuments

Louisiana's Lt. Governor has entered the battle over the removal of three Confederate monuments in New Orleans.

Billy Nungesser has told FOX 8 he has asked the White House to intervene and urged the President to declare the monuments federal monuments.

Nungesser told FOX 8, “I wrote him a letter and I asked him to look out your window, look at the statute of Jackson there at the White House because Andrew Jackson in Jackson Square is next in New Orleans if we don't do something."

The Lt. Governor says he also has asked the state Attorney General's office to look into the matter.

Nungesser says he has received numerous requests to try to block the removal of the monuments to Robert E. Lee, General P.G.T Beauregard and Jefferson Davis.

“People are outraged. We're getting calls from all over the country,” Nungesser said.

“They want to change the name of Tulane University. Where does it stop? I think it's being led by a group of people that just want to erase history and it's unfortunate because it's put a divider in this community that didn't need to be there,” Nungesser told FOX 8.

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