Gov. Urges Lawmakers To Put Partisanship Aside

Governor John Bel Edwards has launched the 60-day regular session of the state legislature with an appeal to lawmakers to put partisanship aside.

The Governor is urging the legislature to approve a series of tax changes that he says will help stabilize the state's finances.

In his address to lawmakers, Edwards said, "the path to success must be driven by putting the people of Louisiana first and to do that, we must work together. There is simply no other way to make Louisiana the state we all know that it can be."

"I refuse to allow governing the state of Louisiana to look anything like what’s going on in Washington. It’s not working for them, and it will not work for us. There is too much at stake for us to let partisanship get in the way and none of us should tolerate it."

Many Republicans believe the Governor should focus more on reducing state spending and he told lawmakers he is willing to consider cuts.

"To be clear, I will work with you to strategically make further budget cuts so long as our critical priorities are adequately funded," Edwards said, adding "That will be impossible, though, if we do not responsibly address the fiscal cliff that is looming."

"I have been, and continue to be, willing to work with everyone to ensure we do right by the people that sent us here, but that is only possible if we leave the cynicism at the door and look past the next election," Edwards said.

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